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Acupuncture in Canada

If you’re looking for top quality acupuncture within Canada, you have a lot of choices.  The majority of acupuncture providers are one-off locations, in fact I don’t even know of any franchised locations across Canada.  The organization by the name of Acupuncture Canada is very highly-regarded within the community.  They offer training certification to practitioners within Canada, a variety of information sources about acupuncture, and a few other useful resources such as the ability to search for approved practitioners in your area.  However, my preferred directory for finding Canadian acupuncture is actually Find Acupuncture.  Although they are relatively new, I find their search process to be more thorough.

When you are looking for acupuncture in your province, be wary of providers that don’t know what they are doing.  Standardization isn’t where it should be, so you have to go mainly off of reputation and reviews.  Google Reviews are always a good place to start, but that’s the reason I recommend so strongly.  Let them do the research for you, and you can be a little more sure of your decision.  Of course, always do your own research and double checking no matter what.

Acupuncture can be very useful for treating a variety of different problems and conditions, but most people use it for pain relief.  It’s commonly used for arthritis, joint soreness, headaches/migraines, and pains in specific areas.  An ancient Chinese medical practice, it’s become common in the Western world as an alternative medicine.  Sadly, always keep in mind it is a somewhat unregulated industry so you have to be careful who you visit.  You do not have to be a qualified doctor to perform acupuncture.  However, many medical professionals such as chiropractors and physiotherapists have been incorporating acupuncture into their already existing practices in recent years.  Although this may be the safest route to go, it might also be the most expensive and not necessarily the best.

Best Ways to Achieve Health and Wellness You Didn’t Think Of

  1. Drink a lot more water.  It’s estimated that around 70% of all Americans are suffering from chronic mild dehydration.  Chances are, you’re one of them.  The effects are very diverse (as we detailed in our article below).  They range from fatigue to more illness top lack of focus to mood swings.  Luckily, they all come with one very easy and very simple solution: drink more water.  Even adding a cup of water a day to what you already drink will make the difference.  If you can, even drink two glasses of water.
  2. Supplements and vitamins.  Balancing out your diet to make sure you get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients can be a very difficult task. The truth is, most people simply don’t have time to do it, and adjusting your diet afterwards can mean big lifestyle changes.  So try the next best thing, figure out what vitamins you tend to miss out on, and take the supplement pills that will help your body make up for them.
  3. Get 8 hours of sleep every night.  Possibly the most underrated one out there, it’s so simple but so overlooked.  People routinely skip out on sleep in order to get more things done in the day.  We are only starting to see the long-term effects of sleep deprivation, but already they aren’t pretty.  It already looks like it can easily shave a few years off your life expectancy and hamper your immune system (leaving you more vulnerable to diseases and illness, and even cancer).  It can stunt growth, both mental and physical.  Furthermore, you retain less information and don’t learn nearly as well while you are operating on little sleep.

5 Benefits of Water You Didn’t Know


Water has nearly unlimited benefits, everyone knows that.  But you may not now, and even some of the health freaks out there don’t know, is some of the specific benefits that proper hydration will provide.

It can prevent cancer.  Yes, just plain old water can prevent cancer.  It’s some magic cure or anything, water simply improves your overall immune system.  And a healthier immune system is more likely to stop cancer before it even gets anywhere.

It can give you more energy.  If you feel tired or lethargic, the natural cure seems to be caffeine.  However, stimulants like caffeine aren’t always the best answer.  Often, you are dehydrated. Simply by drinking more water, you can feel more energetic and alert almost immediately.

It will help you lose weight.  Don’t jump onto that diet plan too quick.  Water can also help you.  Often, your body will confuse the feelings of mild thirst with hunger.  So when actually should be drinking water, you end up eating.  You can solve this of course, by simply drinking more water!  Then, the feelings will go away.  Additionally, even mild dehydration (which is VERY common) will leave your metabolism working at below peak performance, leaving you more likely to gain weight and having a more difficult time shedding it.

Improve your skin complexion.  So before spending hours in the sun or hundreds of dollars on makeup, improve your natural skin complexion just by drinking a little bit more water.  It will moisturize your skin to keep it soft and fresh looking.

Cures migraines, headaches, and even back pain.  While you may not see a clear connection, mild dehydration often worsens or even causes all of these things.  So before you pick up the bottle of Tylenol, grab a glass of water first and see if it helps.